As we know, yoga studios had to close temporally their doors. For many of us, a regular yoga practice may be a difficult thing to establish. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Create a comfy spot for your yoga practice

If you have an extra room that you can use to practice yoga, fantastic! However, most of us need to be more creative and create a space whenever we want to practice. Find a spot where it’s peaceful and quiet, with space around you, so we do not bump into tables, chairs… I like to create a relaxing atmosphere with a candle, incense stick, and music (I can recommend, Edo & Jo)

Create the best space you can, and enjoy!

Yoga accessories

All we need is a yoga mat. The yoga mat market is big, based on my experience, investing a little more for good quality and ecologic mat will last a long time. I use Circé yoga mat (

A block, bolster and a strip is a good addition, however, if you do not want to invest, you can use books, a belt, cushions, and a blanket.

Stay safe to prevent injuries

Always, always, always, mind your boundaries and especially be mindful with sensitive areas such as; knees, hips, spine and neck. If you feel any painful sensations, adjust, soften, and come out of the pose if you need to. Never force or push.

Warm-up your body properly before starting yoga asanas (poses) and when trying to do more advanced poses. Be especially mindful during transitions between poses or when moving in or out of poses. Those are moments of a potential risk of injury because we pay less attention to our alignment.

Never skip Savasana (relaxation time at the end of the yoga practice)

It is really important to give your body time to relax in Savasana after a yoga practice. Our nervous system needs time to assimilate the benefits gained during the practice.

Practice yoga regularly

Even practising yoga once a week or 10 minutes a day is highly beneficial, 10 minutes a day is still practising. Think about what works for you and set realistic goals, do what you can.

Enjoy your practice!

If you do not enjoy it, it is going to be difficult to commit to your practice.

Get on your mat, with no expectations and enjoy!

I offer online Hatha yoga classes every Wednesday at 7 pm (Amsterdam time). Join our mindful community and get inspired! Register here for upcoming Wednesday.