I love working with the subtle yet powerful energies of the moon. I love the night, the stars, the universe, and the Yin energy (feminine, night, dark, expansion, silence…). Well, being a water sign, Cancer – Moonchild, might have a big influence on my close relationship with the moon.

We can take advantage of the moon’s energy in the new and full moon phases. The moon influences our emotions, so we can adapt our beauty routines, projects and rituals according to the moon phases.

The moon radiates energy that impacts our emotions. By aligning ourselves with this cosmic energy, we can connect and flow when setting new intentions, planning our personal care tasks, social relationships or inner contemplation.

To harness the moon’s energy and flow with it, we need to be aware of the lunar calendar and the influence of each phase of the moon. (Check the moon phase according to your location here https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/)


The new moon is when the moon is not visible, representing new beginnings. It is a good time for introspection, for planting a seed, bringing light to your goals, starting a project, a new diet or even a personal development challenge and letting go of what no longer serves us and creating space to receive the new, especially for our new intentions to manifest.


This is an ideal time to start a new eating pattern, a new healthy habit or a new body or facial beauty treatment.


  1. Light a candle, prepare your journal and a pencil and sit in a quiet place to write down your new moon intentions.
  2. Before writing them down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and take a moment to feel from your heart.
  3. Write them clearly in the first person and in the present tense as if they are manifesting right now.
  4. Once written, read them out loud.
  5. Review and reflect on your intentions at each new moon. Edit and reaffirm them if necessary, as they sometimes take a few moons to manifest.


The full moon is the phase when the sun illuminates the entire moon, making it shine completely. This phase represents manifestation, fertility, abundance and transformation.

In this phase, our new moon seeds blossom. But be careful because it is also a time of polarity and more intense emotional energy that will lead you to discover what you need to free yourself from.


This is a good time for regeneration and relaxation. Apply facial steam with eucalyptus leaves, which has antioxidant, regenerating, pore-cleansing and oil-reducing properties. Repair your scalp and stimulate hair growth with a hair massage with nettle and rosemary infusion after shampooing. Take a salt bath and pamper yourself with a body cream with a drop of lavender oil before going to bed.


The full moon is an excellent time to charge your crystals.

  1. First, clean them with sage infusion and then place them, if possible, somewhere where they touch the earth, either in a pot or in the garden, and at the same time exposed to the moonlight.
  2. Leave them there for 24 hours.
  3. They are clean and ready to serve you with a new intention.