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Trini Navarro

Divine Plan Healer & Yoga Instructor

My journey of self-discovery started in my early 20s with a nagging feeling that something was missing, that there was more, but I did not know what. I was surrounded by a high degree of competitiveness and challenges. I believed that success was intrinsically linked to a job title and the things I owned. Still, I was not happy. I travelled extensively, I worked for various multinationals but never truly felt fulfilled.

I have always been attracted by the Universe, mystery, astrology, subtle energies, and everything that could be called mystical. I decided to start practising yoga, which led me to find Reiki while living in China. That was when something switched inside of me and I realised that I already had everything I needed in me, I had just not been able to see it.

From that moment on, I started working with various energies, Gong Baths, Reiki, Tibetan bowls, and crystals.

While walking on my new path of self-discovery, I found the Divine Plan Healing, or perhaps it actually found me!

Divine Plan Healing helped me to release all my fears, my limiting beliefs, and reconciled me with my true being. It has helped to free me from self-doubt and go for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

I know now that my life mission, and what which makes me feel fulfilled, is to share all the knowledge I have gained over the years, and help you align with your true self. I would love to help guide you on your unique path of growth.

Divine Plan Healing

My Divine Plan Healing Journey

I first started working with energies in 2016, when I was attuned to Reiki first level in Shanghai. This experience changed me deeply. I could feel the energy flowing through my hands and my body. I started to be in tune with myself, grounded, and genuinely happy. It was as if I had opened the doors to a new dimension.

I wanted to deepen my knowledge of universal energies and welcome them into my life; on my search I secretly became a Gong Bath addict (a vibrational and sound therapy that produces physical, mental, emotional, and energetic harmony).

I was driven to keep growing and received my second Reiki attunement at Lake Tahoe, USA. I knew then that I wanted to share these experiences, teach them, and help others to heal. This is when I went for my third attunement and became a Reiki Master in Amsterdam.

My inner urge to heal and help others was strong, but I was somehow not ready to take it professionally. Fear of failure? Of not being worthy? My ego? Yes, I would say they all had to do with it! I was scared, but thankfully that did not stop me from pursuing my personal search. This is when I found, by chance, Divine Plan Healing in late 2019.

Working with the Emerald Heart Light took me to a completely different level of healing. I now trust life, I embrace it fully, I am confident. My love for life flows through everything I do, and now I am ready to help others to grow, to align with their blueprint, to overcome their fears, and to feel strongly grounded.

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Divine Plan Healing

I thought Yoga was about bending in all sorts of ways and headstands, which only young and flexible people could practice. I was wrong; Yoga is a lot more than asanas (postures) and sweating on the mat. Anyone can practice Yoga, regardless of age and size. I started practicing Yoga aged 38. I wasn’t, and am still not, the most flexible of people, but I love the Yoga philosophy. I practice Pranayama (breathing) and meditation every day, and have noticed so many positive changes. The practice of asanas helps me attune to my body.

Since achieving Yoga teacher training in August 2020, I remain in contact with my yoga mentors based in Italy, to keep moving forward and up to date.

I organise workshops and online sessions, combining at time Yoga with Divine Plan Healing.

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My journey with meditation was quite similar to my yoga experience. I started off full of preconceptions. I thought meditation was to clear the mind and involved sitting still for hours on end. I was so frustrated the first time I tried to meditate. I could not get my mind to stop thinking, and could not sit in place for more than one minute. I was about to give up when I discovered that meditation could be practiced anywhere, in the metro, while shopping, or walking!

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness which means being present in the here and now. Our minds tend to attach to the past, which we cannot change, and to the future, which is yet unknown, creating feelings of uncertainty, guilt, and fear. The practice of meditation, enables us to free our minds, gaining relaxation and calm. We learn to see situations/problems from a different perspective and accept them as they are.

I work in English and Spanish.

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Divine Plan Healing

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