You may not have thought about it, but both words and thoughts generate vibrations, within us and in others.

Waking up and thinking “I hate getting up early, I hate going to work” is not the same as waking up and thinking “a new day is starting, a new opportunity, and I am grateful for my job”. In scenario 1, we start the day feeling unhappy and we transmit this energy to others. In scenario 2 however, as soon as we wake up we are happy, we will not feel bad if there is traffic, if the underground is late, and if our boss or co-worker is not having his best day. Positivity is also contagious, we can spread our positivity to others.

We create our reality from our thoughts. Right from the moment we wake up we can choose how to feel. And the same is true when facing any situation. Say for example you need to present your product to a new client. You can choose to think:’ I am sure this is going to go wrong, I am going to mess up, they will find out I am terrible at my job, they will not trust me anymore”. Or choose to think, “I know our product and I am well able to make a presentation to new customers. Should I not know the answer to certain questions, I will come back to them later (nobody is born knowing all) I am perfectly capable”.  Same situation, different perspectives, which do you prefer?

The same goes for words. Use the right words, don’t gossip, don’t insult, don’t curse. Words are vibrations. What we say to others and to ourselves generates vibrations. Does it feel the same to say ‘I hate you’ as it does to say ‘I love you’? No, I didn’t think so. Words hurt and words heal, what you say to others you are saying to yourself.

I came across these reflections after reading the book “The four agreements” by the writer Miguel Angel Ruiz Macias. It is an easy and quick book to read. I very much recommend that you read it, and incorporate the four agreements into your daily life. Or if you have already read it leave a comment, I would love to know what you think and what your experience has been.