It still fascinates me to see how everything is inter-related. When we stop for a moment and look at things carefully, we can see so many ‘coincidences’! One of the “coincidences” that I reflect on the most is:

– 7 notes.
– 7 colours of the rainbow.
– 7 main Chakras.

Why 7 and not another number? Why odd and not even? Why 7 notes? Why 7 colours? Why 7 main Chakras? I don’t really know, but number 7 seems to be a magical number, and many consider it a lucky number. Colours too emit frequencies. I certainly hope never to see a hospital with walls painted black, I don’t think I would trust it very much.

This is where I personally see the relationship between the notes, colours, and the Chakras, they all emit vibrations and are related to each other.  It is fantastic!

I think we could talk about this subject for hours and days, without necessarily coming up with an answer. What I am trying to say here is that we are surrounded by magic and we don’t usually stop to think about it, we are so caught up in our everyday lives! Eating, working, family, social networks… Stop to look around you, and let yourself be fascinated by everything that surrounds us.

Practicing meditation helps us to put aside and park for a moment the problems worrying our minds in order to create a moment of inner peace. These are the moments when our creativity and ideas can flow. We enjoy the now, tomorrow will come with new challenges, for the moment we can enjoy what we have, the now.

Since I have been practising meditation, I enjoy life more, live more in the now, and I notice more the little things and coincidences.

You do not have to meditate every day for an hour, though I do recommend meditating daily, whether it is for a minute, 10 minutes or an hour, not every day is the same, nor do we feel the same or have the same needs.

Just sit in a place where you will not be disturbed and concentrate on your breathing for a few moments. This is meditating and focusing on the now.

The more we meditate, the more we notice the benefits, and one day we simply realise that we are living in the present.

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