If you have been reading on my website about Divine Plan Healing, you may be wondering, whether you are familiar with Reiki or not, what actually the differences between the two are.

I started out as a Reiki master and am now a Divine Plan Healer, so I am well placed, based on my experience, to explain the differences between the two.

Reiki channels energy, hands are placed on the client, and among other pre-requisites, the space where the session takes place must first be “cleansed”, for example with sage or Reiki itself. By channelling energy and laying hands on the client, there is an exchange of energy between the client and the healer, which explains why I sometimes feel particularly tired after a session, and that is because I have also channelled my own energy.

Divine Plan Healing channels pure Emerald Heart Light directly from the source, no hands are placed on the client and there is no need to “clean” the space beforehand. This actually prevents the exchange of energies between the client and the healer.  Moreover, the Emerald Heart Light is much more “powerful” and pure than Reiki, as the vibrations are much higher.

However, the most remarkable difference is that Divine Plan Healing works with the Divine Love Essence.

The Divine Love Essence is the cherry on the cake. It is charged with pure Emerald Heart Light, directly from the source. This amazing essence will enable you to prolong your healing for up to 6 weeks. Each time you take your essence, you invite the Light into your heart, by showing your commitment, repeating your heart-felt intention and deepening the healing process.

In order to be able to give Divine Plan Healing, I have had to receive and give many sessions myself. My own transformation has been incredible over the last few years, and I owe it to the Emerald Heart Light. I have also received very positive feedback from clients, and this is what fulfils and inspires me to continue channeling Light and not energy.

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