I have always had this passion for travelling, discovering new places, cultures, food, and escaping the routine. But, of course, we might all travel for those same reasons, don’t we?

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to travel and visit remote places. For example, I remember wanting to travel to Iceland in the mid-90s, but it was unbelievably expensive, and I was just a high school student. And now, I have visited Iceland twice in the past four years.
Mother Earth offer us incredible places that, unfortunately, mass and irresponsible tourism is destroying.
I see Mother Earth as our home. As someone once told me: “we walk on Her skin, and we swim in Her veins“.
Every time I go to the beach, forest, or spend time in nature, I remember that sentence; it significantly impacted how I see Mother Earth and the way I travel.
Not only we should respect the place we visit but the local culture.
We should never forget that the way we travel will have an impact on our home Mother Earth.
Whether you travel to a warm, cold place, or just enjoying home, have a great summer vacation!