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Trini Navarro

my name is
Trini Navarro

I am a Divine Plan healer and a yoga teacher. For years now I have felt as if something was missing in my life.

I have travelled, worked in many companies, lived in different countries, notably Switzerland, the USA, China, and the Netherlands, but nothing could fill the void. I knew there was something waiting for me, but did not know where to find it or what it was. That is, until I stopped searching for answers outside myself and turned inside. I began to listen to my body, to my intuition, I experienced directly how energies affect us and started working with them, and I also learnt to follow my heart. It was not an easy path to travel, but the rewards were immense: I found what I was missing, filled that void and now have wholeness and serenity.

I discovered passion in teaching and empowering others. I now share my knowledge and experience to help you develop into your greatest self.

I work in English and Spanish.

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What people say about my work

“We have worked on a personal issue, I see this problem from a different perspective and now I live in peace with it, I am very grateful”

I. Spain, Divine Plan Healing

“When I received the healing from Trini, I felt her energy at the beginning. Then a huge wave of love, peace and reconciliation with my past came over me, something I really needed. it was a wonderful feeling. Thank you Trini! “

Angela, Germany, Divine Plan Healing

“Trini is a passionate healer with a heart of gold. I’ve got to know her as a person with a high level of integrity. Trini has a lot of patience and love for her clients. She is professionally trained, walks her talk, and is a source of inspiration for many.”

Harriët Kroon, Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School

“I experienced a lot of energy. From top till toe and I felt it all night and on Tuesday. I feel uplifted. Furthermore, I felt a clear mind and a good sight of what is happening inside and outside”

Gabriël, The Netherlands, Divine Plan Healing

“I am 73 years old but Trini adapts the postures according to my necessities. She cares and creates a save environment. I like the meditation and breathing exercises with do at the end of the lesson”

T. Spain, Yoga

“I love the lessons, on every lesson with focus on different areas. I am learning to listen to my body”

Ana. Spain, Yoga

“I always experience a deep sleep during the healings, but I suddenly wake up after an hour feeling waves of peace and love. My fears are dissolving”

T. Spain, Divine Plan Healing

“Trini is an amazing yoga teacher, reiki master and alternative medicine practitioner. I’ve known Trini for several years now and she has always been a great source of inspiration and positivity to me! I’ve been really lucky to take part in her yoga lessons & reiki sessions and I can highly recommend her! Thank you, Trini! Looking forward to the next lesson already!”

Heidi T, Finland, Yoga Lessons & Reiki Sessions

“I have experienced relaxation and I felt the Light holding me with an unconditional love. After the healing I cried for a while, I felt my worries dissolving”

G. Spain, Divine Plan Healing

“‘After Divine Plan Healings with Trini,  I often feel that my heart centre has opened. I experience love radiating from my heart, which I find to be profound and deeply nourishing.”

Phillipa, UK, Divine Plan Healing


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