Divine Plan Distant Healing


Available anywhere in the world, receive healing from the comfort of your own home

  • 10-Minute Initial Call to set Healing intention
  • 1 Hour Distant Healing
  • The Divine Love Essence inc. postage
  • 4 Weeks of healing
  • 10-Minute extra guidance call


How Divine Plan Healing Works

Step 1 – Make an appointment to set an intention and a date for your healing

After receiving your online booking, I will get in contact with you to set a 10 minute online appointment via Zoom. During this call, we will set an intention for the healing as well as select the date and time you would like to receive your Divine Plan Healing. I will also send your Divine Love Essence, by post , with an instruction card on how to take it, so that you are all set to take the essence right after you receive your Divine Plan Healing.

Step 2 – Receiving Divine Plan Healing

Set your Divine Love Essence and a glass of water ready, at the time and date you have chosen. Lay down in a comfortable, quiet place, switch off your mobile phone, ensure you will not be disturbed, and cover yourself with a blanket. Relax and be open to receive. The healing will last for about an hour. The Light will let you know when the healing has ended.

Step 3 – Take your Divine Essence

After the healing, you can start taking your Divine Love Essence charged with pure Emerald Heart Light. By taking this Divine Love Essence the healing will be prolonged by around another 6 weeks.

Step 4 – Extra guidance call

During the first call we will also set a second 10 minute appointment which will take place around 4 weeks after receiving your Divine Plan Healing and taking the Divine Love Essence, to discuss your healing experience during the 4 weeks.


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