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‘Live a fulfilled life with
DIvine Plan Healing’

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing is a pure Light of Love,
Coming directly from the source.

It channels the Light of the Emerald Heart, to help you align with your own truth and blueprint.

  • Releasing stress

  • Supporting your immune system

  • Promoting mental clarity

  • Increasing self-love

  • Releasing fears

  • Rising your vibration

  • Balancing your chakras

  • Boosting your ability to live in harmony with yourself

  • Supporting your body and mind

  • Balancing your masculine and feminine aspects

Divine Plan Healing

Support your healing with
Divine Love Essence

The Divine Love Essence is the cherry on the cake. It is charged with pure Emerald Heart Light, directly from the source. It is aligned with your healing intention. This amazing essence will enable you to prolong your healing for up to 6 weeks.

During that time, the Divine Love Essence will help you balance your chakras, align your physical, mental, and spiritual being, and connect you more intensely with the Light.

Each time you take your essence, you invite the Light into your heart, by showing your commitment, repeating your heart-felt intention and deepening the healing process.

I work in English and Spanish.

Healing experiences with Divine Plan

“I have experienced relaxation and I felt the Light holding me with an unconditional love. After the healing I cried for a while, I felt my worries dissolving”

G. Spain, In-Person Divine Plan Healing

“When I received the healing from Trini, I felt her energy at the beginning. Then a huge wave of love, peace and reconciliation with my past came over me, something I really needed. it was a wonderful feeling. Thank you Trini!”

Angela, Germany, Distant Divine Plan Healing

“I experienced a lot of energy. From top till toe and I felt it all night and on Tuesday. I feel uplifted. Furthermore, I felt a clear mind and a good sight of what is happening inside and outside”

Gabirël, The Netherlands, Distant Group Divine Plan Healing

“I always experience a deep sleep during the healings, but I suddenly wake up after an hour feeling waves of peace and love. My fears are dissolving”

T. Spain, Distant Divine Plan Healing

“We have worked on a personal issue, I see this problem from a different perspective and now I live in peace with it, I am very grateful.”

I. Spain, In-Person Divine Plan Healing

“After Divine Plan Healings with Trini,  I often feel that my heart centre has opened. I experience love radiating from my heart, which I find to be profound and deeply nourishing.”

Phillipa, UK, Divine Plan Healing

How Divine Plan Healing Works

Step 1 – Make an appointment to set an intention and a date for your healing

After receiving your online booking, I will get in contact with you to set a 10 minute online appointment via Zoom. During this call, we will set an intention for the healing as well as select the date and time you would like to receive your Divine Plan Healing. I will also send your Divine Love Essence, by post , with an instruction card on how to take it, so that you are all set to take the essence right after you receive your Divine Plan Healing.

Step 2 – Receiving Divine Plan Healing

Set your Divine Love Essence and a glass of water ready, at the time and date you have chosen. Lay down in a comfortable, quiet place, switch off your mobile phone, ensure you will not be disturbed, and cover yourself with a blanket. Relax and be open to receive. The healing will last for about an hour. The Light will let you know when the healing has ended.

Step 3 – Take your Divine Essence

After the healing, you can start taking your Divine Love Essence charged with pure Emerald Heart Light. By taking this Divine Love Essence the healing will be prolonged by around another 6 weeks.

Step 4 – Extra guidance call

During the first call we will also set a second 10 minute appointment which will take place around 4 weeks after receiving your Divine Plan Healing and taking the Divine Love Essence, to discuss your healing experience during the 4 weeks.

Choose how to receive healing

Distant Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

Available anywhere in the world, receive healing from the comfort of your own home

  • 10-Minute Initial Call to set Healing intention

  • 1 Hour Distant Healing

  • The Divine Love Essence inc. postage

  • 4 Weeks of healing

  • 10-Minute extra guidance call


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Divine Plan Healing Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Divine Plan Healing

Available anywhere in the world, you can support any future or past event with Emerald Heart Light. Some examples; job interview, travelling, operations, marriage etc.

  • 10-Minute Initial Call to set healing intention

  • 1 Hour Healing

  • 10-Minute extra guidance call


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Distant Healing Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Weekly Distant

End the week with 1-hour healing every Sunday at 9:00 pm (CET). You will be ready to welcome whatever the next week holds.

  • 1 Hour Healing

  • From the comfort of your own home

  • Available anywhere in the world


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Consultations are available in English or Spanish via Zoom or Phone.

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Still not sure?

If you still have some questions on how the Divine Plan Healing can support you, book a 15-minute free consultation with me. I will be happy to talk with you about the Divine Plan Healing, Divine Love essence, and any other questions that you may have.

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